Clean Eating Beginner’s Guide

Beginners Guide to Clean Eating

So, what is Clean Eating?  Trust me, when I started I had no idea what it meant.  Essentially, the way I’ve learned to look at it is the following:

  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Rather than keeping junk food in the house, keep fresh fruit and veggies as snacks.  I try to set us up for success and keep our favorites available all of the time.  So, instead of grabbing cookies and chips, we grab a banana, apple, or grapes.  We’re much more satisfied and don’t feel guilty afterwards. Organic is best.  If you can grow your own garden (even if it’s a little one) that’s great!  Farmer’s Markets are also a great option.
  2. Eat lean cuts of meat.  Of course, chicken, fish, turkey, and lean-grass fed beef are great options.  I’ll provide a shopping list option a little later.
  3. Learn to read nutrition labels and ingredients.  What’s amazing to me is that so many of the items in the grocery stores are “food-like” items and are not actually real food.  It’s pretty scary when you start reading what’s in the food you’ve been eating and feeding your family.  If the ingredients are not food items, avoid it.
  4. Breads and such….Ezekiel Bread, whole grain bread, Quinoa, brown rice, etc. are great options to use sparingly, if weight loss is your goal.
  5. Learn to be more creative in the kitchen and prep your meals ahead.  It actually makes food so much more enjoyable, you feel better, and you can make many meals faster than you can get a pizza delivered. Ha!

I’ll be adding Clean Eating Recipes over time, but I encourage you to be adventurous in the kitchen and play around with some of your favorite foods that I provide on the “Clean Eating Shopping List”. Speaking of which….here’s one of my go to lists.  I actually keep a lot of these items on “List Master” a google play app on my Galaxy Note 3 Android phone and I check off the items I don’t need.

The Gracious Pantry ~ Clean Eating Shopping List for Beginners

What we don’t realize is that food can either work for our body or against it and the choice is ours.  And, it is so much more than managing our weight.  Over time, our food choices really begin to impact our health. And, that certainly was the case for me.

Everytime you eat or drink

One of my favorite resources that I’ve learned so much from in terms of Clean Eating is “The Gracious Pantry”. Here’s the link to Tiffany’s website and she is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and has so many recipes available. Enjoy!

The Gracious Pantry ~ What Is Eating Clean?

Hope this is helpful! Please feel free to reach out to me at, if you have any questions.

Yours in health ~



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