5 Tips on Taking Care of You, Too!

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~ Hey there!  Welcome!  I’m glad you are here.    Well, here’s my 5 tips for you….

  1. Realize that YOU are important, too!  No, seriously.  I genuinely mean this statement and I want you to let it sink in.  If you are like me, you’ve probably struggled with putting everything and everyone else first and find it incredibly difficult to squeeze in time to even think about taking care of YOU!  But, the problem with that mindset is that sooner or later, it will catch up with us.  And it most definitely did for me.  I found myself facing unexpected health issues related to my lack of taking proper care of myself.  And, that’s not where any of us want to be.  Right?  The good news is that we have a choice.  It just takes us realizing it and then doing something about it.
  2. Determine where you need to focus and set your goals.  Meal planning, prepping, fitness, personal development, etc. and think about what that looks like for you.  Is it as simple as planning out a meal plan for you and your family? Writing out your grocery list, getting your shopping done, and prepping ahead?  If so, then make it a priority. Don’t procrastinate.  If no one else in the house is willing to commit, that’s okay. Honest.  Do it for YOU!  You can make small changes in the meal plan by adding in a dish for you.  Save the leftovers.  Once you start learning how to cook healthy, but delicious meals, you’ll be amazed at how the family will begin to make some changes with you.  I share recipes on Here’s To A Healthier Us on Facebook and my Pinterest boards often. Here are the links.  “Here’s To A Healthier Us” Facebook Page  ~ “Here’s To A Healthier Us ~ Recipes” Pinterest Board ~ Clean Eating Recipes ~ Pinterest Board
  3. Tell those closest to you about your goals and priorities.  This helps you with accountability and support.  If you keep it to yourself, it is easy to fall off of the wagon because who knew but you?  Definitely tell those who will help you in your efforts and even perhaps join you.
  4. Overcome the guilt that tries to creep in. In my case,  I struggled with feeling guilty.  It would have been very easy to slip back in to old habits and run out the door without my healthy snacks for the day or to skip my superfood shake for breakfast.  Skip meals like I had done before or grab fast food because I was too busy to stop and eat.  Or, feel like I should eat what everyone else was eating. But, I purposed in my heart that it simply wasn’t an option.  If I wanted to feel, look, and perform better and most of all be healthier, I had to overcome the guilt and set myself up for success and you need to do so, too.  I recommend that you do the following:
    • Never Leave the House Hungry.
    • Plan Your Meals Ahead.
    • Keep Good Food in the House.
    • Eliminate the Junk Food (unless there’s someone in the house who is not on board.  If that’s the case, then make sure you keep your favorite healthy snacks available).
    • Learn How to Order When Dining Out. (I’ll share tips on this in a future post).
    • Always Keep Healthy Snacks Handy.  Click the photo for a list of 20 Healthy Snacks from from Skinny Ms.                                 20 Healthy Snacks
  5. Schedule time for your fitness routine.  It can be as simple as walking.  That’s where I started and I’ve lost 60 pounds.  Start where you are.  I got up earlier than normal and took a 20-30 minute walk each morning. I don’t park close to the door when I go to work or go shopping, I get extra steps in.  Take the stairs rather than use the elevator.  If you are ready to start an actual fitness routine, there are so many options available on DVD, online, classes, and at the gym. Find one you love…not one you dread.  The key is to find what works for you and your schedule.  Don’t over commit to something that you can’t maintain.  Sometimes we get overzealous and overextend ourselves and quit because we can’t maintain the schedule.  I really like what Chalene says, “You are far too amazing to be the only thing standing in your way”.

  You are far too amazing

You can listen to Chalene’s Podcast that I think will really help you if you’ll let it sink in.  Here’s the link….

Chalene’s Podcast from The Chalene Show on Motivation to Exercise ~ Get the Mojo to Move

I hope these tips are helpful and you will commit or recommit to making YOU a priority.  You deserve it and everyone who depends on you really needs for you to be at your best, too.  I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment and if you get a chance, please subscribe.

Yours in health ~


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